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Even more knives!

Custom order skinner with dyed
spalted Maple scales.  O1 tempered
back to 63 RHC


Custom ordered skinner with
natural stabilized Maple scales
at 63 RHC


Custom ordered squirrel skinner with
leg notch and dyed Maple burl.
Tempered at 62 RHc


Custom chefs prep knife.  O1 tempered to 62 RHC
with natural stabilized spalted Maple.


Small skinner made for tight slicing!
O1 tempered to 63 RHc with dyed, stabilizied
spalted Maple scales.  This is rapidly
becoming a popular shaped blade for


Available scales.  Beautiful 15,000 yr
old petrified wooly mamooth
fossilized tusk ivory!!!  Can be
used on on you order!  What's it going to be?  ;)

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